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Our teachers are committed to providing the best education for our students.  We cover all the different aspects of learning for each instrument to ensure our students become well rounded musicians.  We cover musical technique, song study, music history and theory, performance etiquette, and daily practice routines.


Where ever you live in Mohave County, Music for Life has a location near you!  Come by today to meet our wonderful and professional staff of experienced teachers. 

Annette Freston, NCTM

Piano Instructor

Owner & Founder of Music for Life

Annette M. Freston, founder of Music for Life, has been playing piano for over 40 years. Ms. Freston, a Nationally Certified Music Teacher, holds a Master’s Degree from Northern Arizona University and a Bachelor’s from Utah State University. Ms. Freston studied piano with Marlene Bachelder and Dr. Daniel C. Harrison and is a state music competition winner. Ms. Freston has taught piano and harp in Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Ms. Freston is a member of the MTNA and the AMTA. Ms. Freston is also a community college associate faculty.

Ms. Freston currently teaches out of the Vernal, Ut studio.

Lora Staples is a fiddler and teacher living in Kingman, Arizona. She currently plays with the eclectic band "Gateway", with the Flagstaff Symphony, and has recently played in the bluegrass band "Buffalo Nickel", and the Celtic/Contra-Dance band "Leaping Lulu". 


She started her violin studies at age 10 in the public school system, and it quickly became her focus and passion. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Violin Performance from the University of Utah and a Master's Degree in Music from Wichita State University. She has played professionally in numerous orchestras and pit orchestras and has been the featured soloist with several orchestras. 


Her focus was always on performing until 1998, when an accident involving a finger on her left hand forced her to consider other options. At that time, she discovered her second love, teaching. She became a certified Suzuki teacher, ran a full studio of 40+ students of all ages for several years, and has since applied those same concepts to her fiddle teaching. 


In 2010, she founded "Red Desert Violin", which now provides online violin and fiddle instruction to people in over 35 countries. She loves helping people overcome their obstacles and watching how music positively impacts every aspect of people's lives. 


Check out her playing and teaching:

 Catharsis played live with Larry Unger

 Cooley's Reel- Wickenburg 2011

 Fiddle Secrets Ornamentation Intro

 Obstacle # 1 to Good Violin Tone: Crooked Bow - Red Desert Violin

 Obstacle #2 to Good Violin Tone: Rusty Elbow - Red Desert Violin


Here’s what people are saying about Lora:

"I am loving your lessons, Lora.  I wish I had found your website seven years ago when I started this journey of learning violin.  I am getting so much more out of your online lessons than I did with my face-to-face teacher.  Your lessons are so detailed, and you present things in a way that I have to remind myself that it's a video and not real life.  I get tickled at your wit, and I often think "Now this girl could be my best friend!"  -Donna


"My 9 year old has actually been able to watch most of them on his own, which is really helpful.  The practice coach is great for him too.  My six year old needs me to watch and then teach her.  This is an ideal program for us because I am a pianist so I can help but only to a very limited extent!" –Molly


"I love the drilling practice homework and practice coach videos. I feel like I am moving forward with a plan, where before I was just learning a new tune and some ornaments, without much of a foundation. The coolest thing tho is that before I would work on the new piece or my drills scales with a little bit of dread, maybe it was fear that I wouldn't do good enough in the next lesson. But here the pressure (whatever the cause) is gone, and I enjoy practicing all the time, look forward to playing when I get home from work, etc. That's new and very cool." -Edward

Lora Staples

Violin - Kingman, AZ


Dianne Finnegan Wilson

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